Pastor Helen
& Pastor Joey Rivas

Senior and Associate Pastor

Pastor Helen serves as FHC's Senior Pastor.

She is faithfully committed to seeing you grow in your walk with Jesus. 

She strives to bring the entire body of Christ whole-heartedly seeking after the Lord.

She is a fearless, bold, and an incredible leader. 

She is joined by her husband Pastor Joey

who serves as FHC's Associate Pastor.

He has a HUGE heart to see Lamesa and its citizens restored and rebuilt

according to God's purpose for them. 

He is a Mail Man that walks the streets of Lamesa daily and has prayed up and down your very street!

They have been married 20 years and have two grown children.

As Pastors, they have committed their lives to seeing God expand in our community. 

They are focused on teaching the true word of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them.

FUN FACT: In 20 years of marriage they have lived in 7 cities, 3 states, and 2 countries! 

Ask them about their adventures!


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