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Strive to do things upright and in honesty. Our word is our bond. 

To honor the name of the Lord, and to gain a good reputation in the community.

Psalm 25:21


Having right motives in our hearts. Doing things for the good of others,

while maintaining healthy boundaries.

1 Timothy 1:5


Love means being vulnerable.

Open and honest communication about our fears, our doubts, and our excitement!

1 John 4:16



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Pastor Helen & Pastor Joey Rivas

Pastor Joey and Pastor Helen both graduated from RHEMA BIBLE TRAINING CENTER 

in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 2011.  

Immediately following graduation, they moved their family to Spain (with their two children, Nick and Mariah) to intern with XPloreNations and Russ Adams Ministries establishing Bible Schools. 

In 2012, Joey and Helen returned to Seminole, Texas to intern with Pastor Tod and Daphne Delay and Family Harvest (their home church). Pastor Tod has long had a vision to start a work in Lamesa. Driving through the community several times each year since 1998, the Spirit of God always impressed upon him that a time was coming soon to expand.

Pastor Joey and Pastor Helen are committed to seeing FHC become a your HOME!

A place to be restored and rebuilt!